April 30, 2017

Where did the 2017 NFL first round draft picks go to school?

This weeks assignment was to tell a story with a map.  Seeing how the NFL draft just happened, I chose to use that event to as my "story".

I worked really hard on this one, and had several different things going on here.  First I chose to go with a choropleth map, which color coded each state ranked by number of draftees per state, which varied from 0 - 4.  I also labeled that number in the middle of the state.  I then found the college helmets of each school that had a player drafted, and labeled the players name next to the helmet.  The best way to do this to make it look good was to make a white circle around the helmet. This is due to the limitations with ArcGIS.  Lastly I listed the players on a table on the map.