March 21, 2017

Cattle in Rhode Island

This weeks assignment was working with choropleth maps otherwise known as thematic maps. We also worked with different classification methods.

We were instructed to take a state of our choosing and make a choropleth map of the number of cattle in that state by county.  We had to make 5 different maps and use different classification methods for each map.  We also had to make each map a different size.  This map right here is my favorite of the 5.  I chose the state of Rhode Island because its the smallest state, and allowed me to focus in on what I was doing better.  I really like how I made the counties stick out over the color choices.  I chose to place my ranch right in the middle of the state because the cattle seemed to be mostly located at the northern end and southern end.

Lastly, look at that scale bar, I couldn't believe how tiny Rhode Island actually is!