March 9, 2016

My first map - Rae Lakes Camping Map

Well we finally got our first assignment this week to produce our first map. Up until this point we have mostly been studying theory and solving problems.  The assignment was to take this park map and produce a loop for the campers.  We were instructed to include a regional map and a state map to show the reader exactly where this is at.
my first map
Rae Lakes Adventure Camping Map

This is what I came up with. First order of business was to produce the main map. I really struggled with coming up with a color set that set each of the types of vegetation apart. I also experimented with the Rae Lakes Loop quite a bit in my attempt to make it stand out. No matter what colors I went with though it just seemed to blend too much in the background. 

One thing that bothered me that I just couldn't figure out how to avoid the Rae Lakes Loop washing out in the legend due to the white color. It's a small detail I should be able to figure out down the road.

I also tried various placements of the camping spots labels to avoid overlap and wound up going with bottom placement. 

We also had to make a regional map and a local map, both of which I was very happy with. I particularly love the placement that I came up with. I purposely made the square pointing to SEKI on the regional map the same color as the local SEKI map. I really love the design that I ended up with.